Adrian BUBA

41-La Grande Porte

AdrianBuba was born in Romania, 1953. Has a “diplome de l’academie des Beaux arts de Bucarest” in 1976, and was the conservator of the national museum of art between the years of 1976 and 1980.

IN 1979, he became a member of the union consisted of “plasticien art”, in Romania, and of the art association for professional artists (IAA-AIAP-UNESCO). In the same year he was awarded the national prize of painting and rapidly became one of the most viewed artists in Romania.

In 1983, Adrian Buba participated in the constitution of “Die Gruppe” in Germany. Ever since, he has been regularly exposed in contemporary galleries, museums, and international art fares in europe. In fact, some of his work can be found in numerous state collections (Romania and France-fond contemporary national arts) and in other collections around the world that are either private, or public.

Rene Huyghe, of the French academy and chief of ancient conservators of the louvre said, “I was stunned by the quality of his work, that seems to shine in the domain of modern art.”

What has inspired me, is the symmetry of his work that seems to be a mixture between figurative and abstract, by using expressive colors to stress on a message, which retraces a forgotten part of his life.

Alexandrine Korniloff

Les Oeuvres

Revue de Presse

die gruppe - 1984