Born in 1937, he began as a photographer in 1959 in the studio of  Jours de France as the assistance of Luc Fournol. Four years later, he gets his first scoop: the opra’s ceilling.This will give him his notoriety amoung the professionals. In 1966, Playboy publishes six page of jane Fonda’s photos of her nude, taken during the making of Vadim’s film “La Curée”.

In forty years, Jacques Héripret’s carreer has been very ecclectic. Successively, free lance and then reporter for Paris Press l’Intransigeant for six yearss, globe trotter, dabbling in everything, he covered the six days’ war in Israël-front page of life Magazine- and later on in Vietnam.

Animal photographer in Kenya Tanzany…Official photographer of the famous musical in Paris ” L’Alcazar”, he took photos of  the Elite of this contempories  from J. Kennedy to De Gaulle, from Picasso to Combas, from Kim Novak to Bardot.

His reportages have been broadcasted by the most important agencies: Black Star, Les reporters Associés, P.I.P., Agence Angeli.

During all those years, his photos have been travelling all over the world.