Pierre KOPPE


Pierre Koppe was born in 1931, France. In 1951, he entered the Beaux-Arts of Nancy, in which he followed a path consisting of artistic studies and that is what allowed him to enter the groups of artists within his region.
In 1965, Pierre Koppe became a professor of the Beaux-Arts in Metz. In 1985, he obtained the academic medal.
In 2006, he was chosen by the writer, Philippe Claudel (Les âmes Grises), to illustrate his book entitled “le monde sans enfants.” His works are being exposed in multiple galleries in France, Amsterdam, Munich, and luxembourg.
Colors, materials and movement animates the artistic universe of Pierre Koppe in a genuine joy of painting. His paintings express an imperative act without
any seriousness, due to his distant humor that accompany his characters. The Portraits and forms of fantasy, act as a locomotive that lures us into the imaginative world of Pierre Koppe.


Les Oeuvres